What Is the New Normal Post-COVID-19

What Is the New Normal Post-COVID-19

Late December 2019 the people of China became victims of what we now know as the Coronavirus. It’s effects began to travel across the globe with deadly effects. Now that we have had weeks to begin to understand the virus’ path of infection, have we begun to understand the new normal in our own lives.

I met with a local attorney today. Since it was our first meeting, out of habit I extended my hand out of respect. His response? He extended his foot. Awww. Since I had been on State ordered lockdown for the past 2 weeks it still had not become customary for me to NOT shake hands. Was this how the rest of our lives would be? 

After taking a look at the property, he asked me to have a seat so we could discuss some business. Customarily I would have taken a seat a standard distance away. Unfortunately, because there were now new guidelines delivered to us from the CDC, at least 6′ were required now. The distance was almost far enough to require yelling so as to be heard.

This is but one example of how things have become different due to the global pandemic we call COVID-19. Business will never be the same. The way people conduct meetings, walk jobsites, all of these will be changed because of a virus, an invisible enemy.

President Trump gave us all a new admonition. He said that many people were going to be effected as a result of the virus. He never could have conceived as to the lengths we all would become effects. Our everyday lives, the way we intermingle with one another, all of these will become quite odd. Is this a good thing, or a bad. Only time will tell.