The 7 Top Ways to Become Self-Confident

The 7 Top Ways to Become Self-Confident

Face it, we all deal with the feelings of being inadequate. Self Confidence is the single most important determinant of whether or not you’ll be successful in life. Take for example the most successful people you may have ever heard about. Each of them has something in common, they all come across as self-confident, sure of themselves and in complete control. 

The truth may be closer to they seem to be something they are not. Not all people come out of the womb full of confidence in themselves or their team. It, like most things in life, must be earned and learned. We must build self-confidence, but it is doable.

All we need are a few ground rules and some guidance. Below are 7 Keys to unlocking your self-confident self. Practice each of these points. Don’t try and overanalyze the title. Take it on faith that you can, and you will be self-confident.

Remember Times from Your Past

There was a time in your past, when you were fearless. Think back to that time. What were you doing, what were you thinking, how did you act? Nothing could stop you because you had not yet developed the fear of speaking in public. As a matter of fact, your friends and parents may have had to tell you to shit up on more than one occasion. 

The point here is to remember, at one time you were fearless, and you again will become very self-confident. If you did it once, you can do it again. 

Start Small

In the beginning we all are a little fearful of putting ourselves out there. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to be speaking in front of a massive audience at Carnegie Hall. Let’s start small. Challenge yourself with a small audience. Call up some close friends whom you have some affection for. Then build your way up. 

Friends provide a safe, non threatening space. You may want to create a short speech or read a passage from a book and ask for their feedback. 

Pretend You Are Someone Else

Many actors and comedians say that pretending they are someone else works wonders for their getting over stage fright. Pretend you are your most gregarious friend. See yourself as the life of the party. You become someone you aren’t, and you give yourself permission to be expressive.

Wear Your Favorite Suit

Is there a favorite suit, dress or even accessory you feel more powerful wearing? Let’s use that article of clothing to be your suit of shining armor. While you are wearing the suit, you are invincible. Now no one can stop you.

Take a public speaking class or join a Toastmasters Group

The most often discussed things in life to do is to speak in public. At the very thought of it, most people tense up. Toastmasters is a great group which challenges the attendees to be graceful speakers and overcome their shyness.


In some cases, our lack of self-confidence comes from our not being happy with the way we look. Well, you have complete control over your physical look. Today make the decision to lose or gain weight, wear makeup or do your hair. If you feel better about the way you look, then people will feel better about you too.

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

One of the most important techniques we will discuss is the need for you to stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you. The only person in the entire world you should be interested in pleasing is yourself.

Today, vow to stop worrying about what people think about you. No one is going to breathe your next breath of air or give you the shirt off your back. If you don’t love yourself, then how can you expect others to love you. Ultimately, people are wonderful to have around but your best friend in all of the world is you.