The Top 12 Industries for Nevada in 2021

The Top 12 Industries for Nevada in 2021

As the year that was 2020 draws to a close, many things have changed. COVID 19 has made people globally rethink standard business models, develop new industries and prioritize their lives. These changes are what we’ll look at today. What are the Top 12 Industries that should spring up in Nevada come 2021 and beyond?

Solar Power– With 9 months on average sunshine in Nevada Solar Power generation and its offshoots will continue to grow as an industry in Nevada. Recently legislation was enacted to mandate a percentage of the new power generated in Nevada come from renewable energy sources. This has helped solidify the “Green Technology” of tomorrow.

Tech-Cyber Security– Industry analyst predicted that the need for nearly a million workers in the cyber security industry in not only a need now but will continue to be soon. Nevada has vast areas of land to house teams of cyber security analysts and with the spread of cyber attacks on financial institutions on an upward trajectory this field will be in demand for years to come.

Robotics– The future is now and robotics in Nevada will continue to garner attention from workers and industry experts. It is estimated many of the positions currently taken by humans in Nevada’s hospitality sector can and will be replaced by robots. Add to this the cost of wages set to hit $12/hr. in the next few years employers will be working hard to replace their current labor pool with state-of-the-art robots.

Underground Infrastructure– Elon Musk’s Boring Company has been testing out a tunnel system which will connect the Las Vegas Airport to the Convention Center. The project has been underway for many months and is due to be completed in 2021. We believe this is a proof of concept by the Boring Company to show that it is commercially viable to dig tunnels all over the Strip corridor in southern Nevada. Keep your eyes open for developments soon.

Autonomous Vehicles– A story which we all know about but don’t hear much news about. There are several companies currently at work mapping out downtown Las Vegas with fully autonomous vehicles. Once perfected these vehicles will be the main source of transportation in the downtown area as well as up and down the Strip. There may come a day when these smaller vehicles, which may carry 8-10 people will give way to much larger passenger and then commercial products transports.

Outdoor Living Spaces– If COVID-19 has taught us one thing, it is outdoor living is a must in 2021. The pandemic has forced many of us to take a second look at dining and spending more time outside. This can be problematic in the desert southwest, where temps can get up to 118degrees, enter a new industry to make outdoor living more bearable. Look for restaurants and then many more industries taking advantage of this little used and untapped region.

Health and Wellness– The Southwest has always been a place where people enjoy exercise and keeping fit but in 2021 this will take on a new meaning. We believe the trend we saw develop in 2020 will continue in 2021. People will buy more bikes, running shoes and take more trips to the gym to stay as health conscious as possible.

In addition, there will be a push to put healthy food in people nationally. A phenomenon called COVID-belly where excess pounds were put on by people sheltering in place has people scrambling to shed those unwanted Pandemic Pounds.

Data Warehousing– SWITCH, the largest data warehouse in north America is right here in Las Vegas. More and more people will be opting to work from home which means there will continue to be a need for places to store all their data. The landscape is littered with empty shopping malls and strip facilities. Look for them to be replaced with industrious entrepreneurs with an eye for technology.

Nuclear Waste Disposal– Yucca Mountain has been a hotly debated nuclear repository site since its initial construction over 20 years ago. Located some 100 miles outside of Las Vegas, scientist believe it is an ideal location for the nation’s nuclear disposal site, but it has been hung up by detractors on the Left and the Right.  Look for there to be a break in the bureaucratic roadblock for the opening of that long-awaited facility. In 2021 Nevada will take a giant leap forward and begin working on refining and storage of nuclear materials for the nation.

Electronics and Battery– Elon Musk’s Tesla Gigafactory continues to be on the map in Nevada. Located just outside of Reno, Nevada Tesla is developing the nations most popular electric vehicle. With all things, the more you do a thing, the better you become. In 2021, Tesla will make a huge leap in battery technology which will revolutionize the industry, bringing the nation one step closer to mass electric vehicle viability.

Fintech– China with its over 1billion person population is well on their way to national use of Financial Technology integration. Here in the United States we are on the edge of adopting the use of apps and smartphone tech in our everyday financial lives. Millennials who grew up with smartphones already show a predisposition to anything tech show signs they would quickly adopt ‘fintech’. In 2021, look for more companies, led by startups to develop this technology for the masses.

Drones- What seemed to be a fad a decade ago is now mainstream and getting bigger. Drones, UAV’s the like are quickly being adopted by Amazon and the military. Their widespread use will be more evident in 2021. More and more people will use drones in a variety of application, but the most exciting will be in home delivery. The coronavirus pandemic has forced retailers to look for new and innovative means by which to distribute their goods. In 2021, look for Amazon to not only roll out a slick new method of the use of drones but tech startups will find a way to extend the reach and capacity of the technology utilizing drones. 

2021 will be an epic year of first and hacks for tried and true methods of doing things. Come back in a few months and see how close we were to our predictions for the coming year.