Is Covid a WakeUp Call for Blacks?

Is Covid a WakeUp Call for Blacks?

A recent finding by the World Health organization found that African Americans are more susceptible to the coronavirus than other groups of people. Is this a wakeup call for Blacks? What can people of color take away from this global pandemic, that can help us in the future?

The coronavirus has been something that has hit the American people, not only economically but physically. Starting in China, the virus has exacted a toll on the global community far beyond that which would normally be considered a flu.

Not only has the virus taken its toll on our economic system, the number of people who are out of work in America currently by last reports were at 16,000,000 people. This represents nearly 10% of the workforce in America.

On the heels of this report on the economy were reports that Blacks were as a people more at risk of being affected by the coronavirus than any other group of people. Why is this? The answer could be in our diet.

Is the diet that many people of color consider as a normal meal part of the problem with the reason why black people get coronavirus? Let’s look at the normal diet of African Americans and see.

Starting back in slavery days, African Americans traditionally ate the leftover food that their master’s on the plantations wouldn’t eat. Things like pigs’ feet and snout, oxtail and greens were by and large the meals that African Americans ate. In addition to this fried chicken or foods high in fried content became part of the staple of African Americans.

Fast forward to our modern-day diet consumed by African Americans, much has not changed overtime. Black people still eat a lot of fried chicken, food high in fat content and high in sodium, as a result of that many black people are overweight and out of shape. I will get in trouble because I’m saying this, but it is a badge of honor for many black women to have incredibly big butts. There are even songs written about them. In addition, there are doctors who make their money injecting women with silicone or inserting implants to make women’s butts look bigger.

No one would have ever thought that a global pandemic would ever affect Americans. Who would have ever suspected in the black community that our diet would be something that would kill us? The reality is that we as a people need to do more than eat fried chicken and foods high in sodium and fat content.

8 Tips to Changing Our Diet and Saving Our Lives


Do a self-assessment on the foods you eat. It is important that you understand what you eat, before you can change the foods that you eat. A simple thing is to just write down all the foods that you eat on a weekly basis. We don’t have to be scientific about this, it’s easy to figure out the foods you eat. Not only will you gain an understanding about the foods that you eat, but the kinds of foods and the type of food that you eat.


When you Eat

Many of us eat at strange hours of the day or the night. It is important that we understand not only what we eat, but when we eat it. Do you eat at midnight, or an hour before you go to bed? Do you eat once a day and then expect that to be a diet? The only way we will be able to effect a change in our lives is if we understand not only what we eat, but when we eat.


How much do you eat?

There are many of us out there who think to ourselves, “well I only eat once a day. I start at six o’clock in the morning and then I end at 9:00 o’clock at night.” Well that is not just eating once a day, it is eating a lot of food. How much do you eat, are the proportions of food sizes you eat enough for a human or for a horse? The daily requirements for most people is about 1200 to 1500 calories a day, that can be The same amount of calories that is found in a bag of French fries.


How much do you exercise?

Exercise should be a part of everyone’s day. Exercise should be a part of everyone’s week. The surgeon general and most physical therapists say that you should get three to four sessions of workout a week. Many Americans have such sedentary lifestyles, especially those who spend a lot of time playing on video games, that we have become a very fat society. Write down how much exercise you actually get on a weekly basis


Ask a friend

After you answer these questions, ask your friends to give you their honest assessment of the answers that you have given so far. Unfortunately, for most people the answers that they give of themselves are not really based in fact, they are their ideals of what they do and not really based in fact. Your friends are more apt to give you their honest assessment of how much you eat and when you eat and what kinds of food you eat. Ask a friend that can be very honest with you.


Start a workout routine.

Before any workout routine, it’s important that you find out physically how you are. Many of us have not taken a physical in many years, present company included. Visit your physician and get a thorough physical before starting any workout regimen. Your doctor can give you data on where you are physically. He can tell you how tall you are, how much you weigh, how much your body mass index is. In most cases we will all find out that we are not only overweight, but we are obese. When we say obese that means you are in excess of 20 pounds over your ideal weight limit for your height.


Find a workout buddy

Someone who can keep you accountable, that’s what we call a workout buddy. We all need someone who can come along side of us and keep us accountable to the goals that we’ve set for ourselves. This person should not be a yes man, but somebody was going to hold you accountable. Find a workout buddy that you can work out with or find a gym that has a workout schedule that has someone who is a moderator who can keep you accountable.


Set a goal.

It’s all well and good to start a workout routine or schedule. But you must put a goal in front of you. If you are overweight by 20-30 pounds, then your goal should be to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. Don’t be so regimented that you don’t give yourself any grace, but it is important that you set a goal for yourself.

If you want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks, then that is what your goal should be. But make your goals attainable. Don’t expect to lose 10 pounds in two days. That’s unrealistic and will set you up for failure. But it is important that you set expectations for yourself.

Conclusion: African American people naturally are not overweight people. We have learned over the generations that being fat is only being big boned. That is nonsense. No one is big boned. Everyone has the same size bones and the only reason why there is so much of you is because you’ve allowed that to happen in your own life. The good news is that you have control over your body, and you have control over how much food you do eat or drink. Set a goal for yourself, get a workout buddy, and get to work. Your future depends on it.