How to Unlock Your Inner Tiger to Reach Your Potential

How to Unlock Your Inner Tiger to Reach Your Potential

We have all seen the ads in the paper. Try this new pill it will make you lose weight. Or read this book it will help you reach your potential. All of these have left us flat and disillusioned with all the promises out there in the media.

The old way to making significant change in your life just will not cut it today. If you really want to unlock that Inner Tiger you must do something extraordinary. A radical shift must occur, not only physically but mentally.

Let us look at 5 Keys I believe will propel you into a new sphere in 2020 and beyond.

Before we begin, please understand this. The things you have been doing over the course of your life are hardwired into your personality and your mind. The only way to permanently change this hard-wiring is to first start with a clean slate. It may be the hardest thing you will be asked to do but it is necessary for your success.

Have you ever heard of the Witness Protection Program? The idea behind it is, the person enrolled in the program is given a new identity, family, and even location to live. There past is erased from the public record. The most profound part of the Program is they are told they are never to contact their old friends, even family again.

You are embarking on a somewhat different but no doubt as profound adventure yourself. For you to Unlock Your Inner Tiger to Reach your potential you must forget the old and stretch out to the new. It is a simple statement but one that comes with a caveat. Do not embark on this trail unless you genuinely want to change. Change comes with sacrifice. Sacrifice is painful but the sacrifice will be worth it in the end.

Who Do You Want to Become?

At the outset let us lay some ground rules. These will be your guiding light as you move along this new trail. Who and What and Why Do you want to become the New You? Who will you be? What Kind of person do you want to become? These are important questions to ask yourself.

Do you want to become a prolific writer? A Pilot, Engineer or Horticulturalist? The skies the limit but you must know before you do anything else. Draw a picture. Design a roadmap. Envision what and who you become. Will you live in a big house? How Big. Will you create a screenplay? How many pages.

Your roadmap must be complete with pictures, people. Places. Colors. Smells no detail is too large or too small. It is your roadmap.


In Phase one you must change your surroundings. This may mean you physically having to move but more practically it may just mean cutting yourself off from your usual hangouts. The reason for this is you are going into a program which requires you to act in a new way, see new things and react in a new way. If you are surrounded by the same things you are more likely to routinely do the same things.

Find New Friends

We all have friends; some we have known since grade-school. They have seen us when we are down. Some even have helped us get down. There is a statistic which says, “You will earn the average of you 5 closest friends.” If your 5 closest friends are millionaires then put down this paper and call me, but if they are not and on the contrary they are doing absolutely nothing with their lives, then it is time to let those dear friends go.

Where you are going is not where these blessed souls are going. And not everyone is cut out for where you want to go but that is why we live in America. In this country, you are free to do and be whomever you want to be. Do not worry about your friends. They will be simply fine without you.

Seek New Input

You new surroundings now need to be filled with new input. What we mean hear is whatever comes into your 5 Senses or Input. They Are: See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel. You are in complete control now. No one is around to tell you what you should See, Hear, Smell, Taste or Feel. You are in complete control now.

There is no one to tell you what to eat or drink. If you want to become a vegetarian, then that is what you can become. The best part is that now that you are in control, you can lose weight because there is no one to guilt trip you into eating that extra piece of cake or ice cream.

Here is an important thing to mention early in this process. Whatever YOU decide will be your new components, they must be Positive, Uplifting, Encouraging and here is the most important part Audaciously Big.

Big is a relative term but let me put some meat on this bone with a story as an example.

Up until the 1950’s no one had ever run a sub 4-minute mile. It was thought to be physically impossible for a human being to do such a feat, until Roger Bannister. Roger believed be could best the mark and because he believed in his ability to do so he not only broke the 4-minute barrier, but he inspired others to do the same.

The 4-minute mile record was bested by Bannister and within a year, that record also fell. Paradigm shifts in thinking are only one person away. In the case of the 4-minute mile it only took one man to show the way and all the sudden, everyone got on the bandwagon.

You are just that close to busting out in incalculable ways. It only takes a bold vision to open the floodgates. That floodgate is your mind. Release your mind to do its thing and you will be amazed at the outcome.

Develop A Core Circle of Mentors

Now that you are beginning to think Audaciously, you must find Mentors who will be able to help you along your journey. These men and women must be people of renown, Influencers, and truly dynamic individuals. Do not seek out people who are on the same level as you. Find people who are doing epic feats which you hope to achieve yourself someday.

I am reminded of Half-pike snowboarders who want to learn a new trick or get to the next level as professionals. These crazy individuals seek out the most innovative people in their field to learn from. You must surround yourself with incredibly talented people if you want to be inspired to greatness. It is an essential part of your growth cycle.

There is a reason why there are Artist sections of town, or parts of a community where all the comedian’s hangout. These people know they can only become better if they are around their own kind. Or at least the kind of people they want to become.

Take Huge Risks

One mans risk is another mans walk in the park. Taking Risks is not something to be afraid of. It should be something we think of to stretch our wings. Consider yourself a baby eagle that must learn how to trust its wings to help it fly. If you do not jump out of the nest you may never learn how to fly. If you can’t fly, then you will never be able to soar.

If you want to Soar like an eagle, then you must be willing to take huge risks. I must tell you. I am a compulsive risk taker, so much so that it has become a part of my DNA. This ability to step out in faith, knowing that you may crash and burn but on the other side you know there is a huge reward is what separates the men from the boys and the uber successful from the person who at the end of their life has regrets.

Create an Alternate Personality

Who is the new you? Is this person outgoing and funny? Is the new you a colorful person, who speaks with an accent? The sky is the limit. It is your alter ego, who has been waiting to come out for decades. Give freedom to this personality. Allow him to become the new you.

Some people believe that you are born with a personality and that is who you are for the rest of your life. As a counselor for many years I must agree. Your personality is who you become as a result of many factors, but one key factor is choice. If you choose to become a certain kind of person then you can choose to be another person.