How to Rid Yourself from Dream Stealers

How to Rid Yourself from Dream Stealers

We all have dreams of becoming rich or famous. These visions wake us from a dead sleep with a smile, all the while we can’t wait for our heads to hit the pillow to catchup from where we left off.

That’s what visionaries do. We dream big, we cast vision and then if we are lucky, we put that plan into action. Well what happens when you share that vision. Maybe it is the most innovative idea known to man, like Zillow or Google or even a YouTube. 

We make the mistake of sharing that vision with someone who isn’t as big of a visionary as you are. 

Crash and burn. 

I met such a person and they spent the entire time trying to tell me NOT to follow my dreams. What! Not follow my dreams. This is the most revolutionary idea know to man, I persisted. How can’t you see the brilliance in this idea.

Not everyone is going to “GET IT” face it. Not everyone is meant to get it. 

But then you make the second fatal error, you listen to the criticism, no matter how sincere. Arrggghhh.. why did I listen to that guy drone on and on about how stupid my brilliant idea was?

If this sounds familiar, there is no getting around it. There are people who will try and steal your dreams. We call them Dream Stealers. They can be your family, friends, neighbors or even people off of the streets. They come in all forms, but they have one thing in common, they are hellbent on seeing you no succeed.

So, what do you do with Dream Stealers? Here are a few tips to help you get rid of them.

  1. Keep Your visions to Yourself

Ideas are very esoteric. They are like clouds that float around in the air looking for someone to act upon them. In your case, you caught the vision and decided to work on it, in your mind. But your mistake was sharing this idea with someone you thought could be trusted. This was your fatal error. Learn to keep great ideas to yourself, until you absolutely must share it with someone else.

  1. Cut off the Discussion Immediately

So, let’s say you have already let the cat out of the bag. Now you find yourself in a discussion with the most pessimistic, negative person in the world, your mother. She begins as always, on all the of “It Can’t” and “Reasons why it won’t work”. 

Instead of allowing the negative bombardment to go on for another second, make a hasty retreat, or make up a convenient excuse to exit the conversation. You must protect the vision. GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE.

  1. Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

No one is immune to the effects of negative talk. Once it has planted a seed, it must be dug out by the roots. The only cure is to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Start with past achievements, accomplishments and positive speak. Tell yourself how successful you’ve already been and how you will do it again. This must be an explosion of positive talk.

  1. Find New Friends

Finally, Negative people have no place in your life. They must go in order for you to continue to be a positive person with a purpose. Get rid of those people and find new friends.

I can’t emphasize this enough. In order for you to keep your dreams from the Dream Stealers you must get rid of them. 

Being a creative, visionary and spark for your family or business requires a clear head, heart and spirit. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are on the same page. Practice defending your dreams and fighting for your success.

Sherman Ray

Editor-in-Chief Black Success Magazine