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Founded in 2013, Black Success Magazine’s mission has been to Motivate, Inspire and Encourage our readers to become the best they can possible become.

Black Success Magazine

Las Vegas, Nevada


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit unsolicited articles to Black Success Magazine? We frequently receive unsolicited articles. It should be understood that although we welcome these submissions, not all entries will ultimately be published. Send all original submittals to Editor@blacksuccessmagazine.com

Can I advertise in Black Success Magazine? By all means. Advertisers are encouraged to reach out to our Advertising Department for specs, deadlines and cost. Send all inquiries to Advertising@blacksuccessmagazine.com

Can I request to be interviewed on Black Success Magazine podcast? The goal of BSM is to find success stories. By all means reach out to our Podcast Department at Podcast@blacksuccessmagazine.com

How many times a year does BSM publish? Black Success Magazine is scheduled to publish quarterly (4) times a year. 

Are there any qualifications to having a story or an article published in BSM? There are several types of articles which are published by BSM. The key isn’t the length it is the content of the work. Contact the Editorial Staff for more details. Editor@blacksuccessmagazine.com

What areas of interest is BSM focused on? Black Success Magazine focuses on several areas including: Self-Motivation, Business, Finance, Health and Fitness and Food.

Is BSM published in any other country? Currently, BSM is only published in America.

Are there any plans to do a video version of BSM? The future for BSM is full of surprises. We are currently in the process of filming a video pilot which will go into production in 2021.

How can I invest in Black Success Magazine? In addition to Advertisers, BSM is pleased to speak with interested Investors who are interested in tangibly showing their support for the magazine and our mission. Contact: InvestorRelations@blacksuccessmagazine.com

Does BSM offer internships? If so how can someone apply? We are always on the look for writers, web-developers and content providers. If you are a interested in joining our team send an inquiry to Careers@blacksuccessmagazine.com

Is Sherman Ray available as a consultant? Sherman Ray is the founder of Black Success Magazine. In 2021 he will be working with high level entrepreneurs and companies. Send all inquiries to Bookings@blacksuccessmagazine.com