How to Thrive During and After COVID-19

How to Thrive During and After COVID-19

Since the beginning of the nationwide shutdown businesses have spent the majority of their time reinventing themselves. We’d like to share some insights we’ve been able to glean from our business partners and members of the past 6 months.  

Core Competencies

What are the things which at their core define your business. Many businesses stray from their core competencies in an effort to please everyone. This can be a disaster waiting to happen. You can’t please all the people. Begin to see if your company has diluted its brand and get back on track. This will allow you to become a more lean and focused organization.

Move Online

Not all businesses are able to adapt to the online vista but if you business is able, you should seriously consider ditching those heavy overhead laden operations of your business online. Now is the time to tighten up your ship. 

Develop new online strategies

As an entrepreneur change is just another opportunity for you to exercise your creative side. Since meeting face to face isn’t going to happen for awhile then you’ll have to explore the online playing field. How can you take advantage of the wide open field we call the internet? This may have been the thing your company needed to differentiate itself from your competitors.

Streamline your sales process

I was speaking with a banking friend recently. I had half expected them to say how much they dreaded going to work everyday due to the pandemic. To my amazement the opposite was true. They remarked how much more work they were able to accomplish when they eliminated all of the travel time between clients. Shorter travel meant more deals were able to be worked on and more closings. 

Focus on your mailing list

This may be counter-intuitive, but one of the most important parts of your COVID forward business model will be your mailing list. If you don’t have one, GET ONE and FAST. 

If people aren’t coming in your door, then you’ll have to reach out to them someway, that new way is one of the most cost effective means available today, email. 

COVID-19 has shut the door with respects to traditional business and marketing but it certainly has not entirely closed all business. It is up to the creative entrepreneur to see the new opportunities and go from there.

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