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What You Believe Defines You

7 Tips to Becoming People of Uncommon Favor. The two most persecuted people in all of history have radically different lifestyles. We can learn much about our belief systems based upon… Read More

How Black Entrepreneurs and Breaking Stereotypes

For many years Blacks have been stereotyped as being good at sports and entertain. Anything having to do with physical feats was the domain of African Americans. But things are… Read more

7 Ways to Grow YOur Business

You’ve made it past the first 6 months of the COVID-19 meltdown, doors are still open, employees have come back to work and now you are looking at operation on… Read more

Social Media 101 for Business

This is a timely and I’ll even go as far as saying the most important article we will produce because it involves Social Media for Business. It wasn’t too long… Read more

The Juggernaut that is the Black Buying Dollar

There is a dirty little secret in America. Black people are doing better than the media would like you or US to know. The Juggernaut that is the Black Buying… Read more

Good News for the Black Business Community

With all of the bad news in the public square over the past few months, a few landmark facts have been ignored. Blacks in business, education and socially have been… Read more


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